A Stellar and Planetary Journey Through Space


At first sight it would seem that the deep interiors of the sun and stars is less accessible to scientific investigation than any other region of the universe. Our telescopes may probe farther and farther into the depths of space; but how can we ever obtain certain knowledge of that which is hidden behind substantial barriers? What appliance can pierce through the outer layers of a star and test the conditions within?' The answer to the the first chapter's opening paragraph of Sir Arthur Eddington's meanwhile legendary astrophysics book `The Internal Constitution of the Stars' (1926), is well known: it is asteroseismology. In this talk I will take the audience through a stellar journey and introduce how we can probe the interiors of stars, some of which are hosting planetary systems. I will introduce techniques we use to study the stellar structure and the planets surrounding them. Finally, I will show a selection of the most interesting and intriguing examples.

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Gabriel Perez Diaz, IAC