Prashin Jethwa: "Cosmic Mash-Ups - How galaxies collide, and why we care!"

08.10.2021 18:30


Most galaxies live alongside neighbours, ranging from pairs and triplets all the way up to clusters of several thousands. Unfortunately, neighbours can sometimes get too close. When two galaxies approach, gravity can take over, pulling the pair closer till they collide and merge. These collisions produce spectacular displays of deformed and twisted shapes -- but what creates these contortions? In billions of years our own Milky Way galaxy is predicted to collide with our neighbour Andromeda -- what can future dwellers of the Solar System expect? Today, astrophysicists (including myself) are looking for signs of ancient galaxy collisions, which occurred billions of years in the past, and I'll describe why these ancient collisions are so vital to our understanding of the Universe.

Der Vortrag wird  im Hörsaal der Universitätssternwarte stattfinden und gleichzeitig online verfolgt werden können. Da die Anzahl der Sitzplätze im Hörsaal auf 30 begrenzt ist, ist unbedingt eine Anmeldung erforderlich. Bitte senden Sie dazu eine Email an unter Angabe der Zahl der Begleitpersonen (zusammen max. 4 Personen).

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The lecture will be given in the lecture room of the University Observatory and streamed online. Due to the limited availability of places (30) in the lecture room registration is required. Please send an email to (max. 4 persons per email). The link to the video stream will be published on this website shortly before the start of the talk.


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